:: By the wave of the horsetail ::

The video contains original footage from the film YURI and the frustration of our ponies, 2012.

(…) Things change almost imperceptibly, or something occurs at the very edge of the frame, like a phase shift in minimal music. As autonomous images, they are extraordinarily powerful, and their introspective, even meditative silence and stillness offers up a number of unexpected details: the subtle play of light, or a running dog. The image in which the latter appears is a scene from Marit’s narrative short film “YURI and the frustration of our ponies” (2012). The light slowly follows its path, but the soundtrack is also deeply penetrative. Thus ‘attention’ becomes ‘illusion’ and, at the same time, concentration. Marit thus reveals the flow of time, but also how it condenses and solidifies. Until it appears to stand still.

Eric Min, August 2015

YURI and the frustration of our ponies by Liesbeth Marit
Bram Bosteels (sounddesign)

5 min – 16:9 – color – © Belgium 2012


HISK Screening, Antwerp Art Weekend, Antwerp (BE)

Caroline Coolen & Liesbeth Marit, The White House Gallery, Lovenjoel (BE)

Villa De Olmen, Wieze (BE)

videoclip for Kaboom Karavan, Kolik

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