:: 4×7 ::

For 4X7 / Canvas, Liesbeth made a short tv-documentary that explores the boundary between fiction and reality. For her 7 … Meer

:: Showreel ::

Showreel of two movies: YURI and the frustration of our ponies – 2012, and One Way of Going – 2011 … Meer

:: One Way of Going ::

Liesbeth Marit makes films that evoke the inner world of the protagonist. She works with a stylized visual language, in … Meer

:: As it is ::

She made this video during a residency in an art deco villa. In the basement, which looked like an underground … Meer

:: Bounce Underground ::

Liesbeth made this short experimental movie, during her Residency Programme in WIELS, Brussels. A woman digs up fossilized and dented … Meer