:: As it is ::

She made this video during a residency in an art deco villa. In the basement, which looked like an underground café, there was an old gas lamp on a small table. The setting sun penetrated through a window.  The ray of light shone right into the lamp. Some leaves at the window swayed gently and made the light flicker, as if the lamp itself was lit. A few minutes earlier or later, she would have missed this magical picture.

The play of light in the gas lamp was discoverd by chance, and registered the following day at the same time.

It was recorded on 02.08.2013, from 18h56 till 19h11.

short fragment out of As it is

15min 29sec – 16:9 – color – non spoken – Belgium, © 2013

Liesbeth Marit (camera)
Bram Bosteels (sounddesign)


Caroline Coolen & Liesbeth Marit, The White House Gallery, Lovenjoel (BE)

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