2 places I love being the most:
(above) ‘IN there’ = in my studio and (under) & ‘OUT there’ = on the filmset (with DOP David Williamson).

Liesbeth Marit (° 1979, Halle), is a visual storyteller in films, photographs and writings.

She originally started painting at LUCA, School of Arts in Brussels. In her further education at the HISK (Higher Institute for Fine Arts, Ghent) she moved from the still images of the paintings to sensory installations, where the perception of the viewer played a central role.

These studies shine through in her later work, which focuses primarily on film and photography.
Her framing still betray the eye of the painter, and her slow, long-held shots tend towards the rhythm of a plastic artist. It is as if she wants to slowly weave those different art forms into each other.

Her works have been shown in WORM (Rotterdam), the Centrale for Contemporary Art (Brussels), Museum M (Leuven), Vooruit (Ghent), De Brakke Grond (Amsterdam) and Centrale Montemartini (Rome).

In her fourth production YURI and the frustration of our ponies (2012) the spoken word and the story itself become more important.
For 4X7 (2017, Canvas tv) she made a short documentary that explores the boundary between fiction and reality.

Currently she is writing her first novel, together with her brother, Geert Marit.

Interview – Gonzo (Circus) Magazine (05-06.2014) – dutch: