:: Hansel and Gretel – Shelter ::

There is time :
The work develops out of the tension between stillness and movement. This is not only true of the photographs that she mounts on small light boxes – they are screens, suggesting movement, where only ‘stasis’ reigns. We can see interiors, rooms and other strange spaces that could just as easily be film sets or maquettes. Do these places actually exist, or are they Marit’s own carefully lit constructions? With such a hypothesis, one is closer to the truth. The woman behind the camera studied painting, but is today working with video and film. No doubt she looks at her surroundings in relation to the scenarios that she wishes to film, searching for locations – landscapes and interiors – that can play a role in a story. The photographs on the light boxes are thus ‘stills’, in every sense of the word. (…)

Eric Min (about the exhibition in The White House Gallery)

These photographs are presented in small wooden lightboxes. The series are not fixed, over time Liesbeth tried different combinations, depending of the place, the theme of the exhibition,…

Hansel and Gretel (2015)
16 x 23,5 x 9 cm, lichtbox

Shelter (2017)
16 x 23,5 x 9 cm, lichtbox


Hinterland, Robin Vermeersch & Liesbeth Marit, Galerie 10a, Otegem (BE)

Caroline Coolen & Liesbeth Marit, The White House Gallery, Lovenjoel (BE)

Villa De Olmen, Wieze (BE)

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