:: Live visuals ::

Liesbeth made some live visuals for the concerts of Svarte Greiner and Kaboom Karavan.

live visuals by Svarte Greiner

Antwerp – Filmhuis Klappei – Mind the Gap Night, 2014

A special Mind the Gap night organised in Antwerp by Belgo-Dutch magazine Gonzo (circus) with a lineup of experimental artists with sound & visual improvisations.

Svarte Greiner (NO) aka Erik Skovdin makes cinematic electro-acoustic music and is label boss of the Miasmah label and his sound will be aided by the visuals of Belgian video artist Liesbeth Marit.
High Wolf (FR) will take you into his dreamy guitardrones sound. Local Antwerp hero Milan W (part of Mittland Och Leo) will also perform together with improvised projections by Floris Vanhoof. From the other side of Belgium, Richard Colvaen will play an electronic live set.

live visuals by Kaboom Karavan

Rotterdam – WORM & International Film Festival Rotterdam – 2014

Kaboom Karavan & Liesbeth Marit will play an audiovisual live-performance the 24th of january on Mind The Gap Nights, a late-night programme by International Film Festival Rotterdam and Gonzo (circus) magazine, with audiovisual performances, bands and DJs. From 23th to 26th jan  at WORM Rotterdam with also Keith Rowe & Kjell Bjørgeengen , Stephan  Mathieu, Tina Frank & COH , The Durian Brothers ,Derek Holzer, Vladislav  Delay, Greg Popes & John Hegres, a.o….

live visuals by Kaboom Karavan

Brussels – Bozar Electronic – 2011

Bram Bosteels : acoustic guitar, mandoline, sampler/electronics,amplified objects
Stijn Dickel : electric guitar,banjo,piano,amplified objects,electronics
Fred VandeMoortel : double bass, piano
Liesbeth Marit : live visuals

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