YURI and the frustration of our ponies


Visual artist Liesbeth Marit made a haunting film about the relationship between man and nature.
In a suggestive way –by soundscapes, close-ups and long shots, static and exploratory cameras- Marit shows the ambiguous relationship between the world of humans and animals, plants and trees.
At one hand, mankind is created by nature and they are both still inseparable.
But on the other hand, we’ve become alienated from nature, by trying to overpower it and by creating a hierarchy.
We ’ve built houses and made tools, out of stone. With our hands, we ’ve put together motorcycles but forgot to say farewell to our horses.

(*** By Bert Lesaffer, Kutsite, Online Movie Magazine)

58 min– 16:9 – color – Dutch, French spoken – Belgium © 2012

Liesbeth Marit (concept and directed)
Dirk Hendrikx en Lara Barsacq (actors)
Bram Bosteels (music)
Frederik Van de Moortel en Bram Bosteels (sound design)
David Williamson (DP)
Alain Dessauvage en Liesbeth Marit (Editing)
Krijn Hermans, Ella De Smet, Sara Claes, Ine Claes (actors)
Benjamin Van de Water (chef electro)
Matthias Hillegeer, Chiel Loos, Arne Winderickx, Hannes Leemans (sound recording)
Christophe Van Belle (production assistent)
Leen Hermans (costumes/make-up)
Katrin Verlende (acting coach)
Celine Bernard (foley)
Ryszard Turbiasz, Joris Van Den Brande (extra voices)
Olivier Ogneux (color grading)
Caviar (image stabilisation/subtitling)
Lites (camera/light rental)
Brecht Van Elslande (administration)
and so many more.

Supported by the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (vaf.be)

The provincial government of East-Flanders, city of Dendermonde and Lebbeke.

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