4 x 7 Canvas tv

For 4X7 (2017, Canvas tv) Liesbeth made a short documentary that explores the boundary between fiction and reality. For her 7 minutes she visits DJ Eddy del White and explores the boundary between fiction and reality.

I see myself as a night owl.

He sees clearly.

He looks closely.

He is like a roaming bird that flies over everyone.

If he can intervene, he will.

A DJ is more determined at night than in the daytime.

Just like a night owl.

He watches his prey and waits for the opportunity to attack.

4 x 7 brings compelling stories that the makers have to tell for one reason or another. It’s about things that intrigue, fascinate, move, inspire or annoy them. The form is documentary, but without a fixed format. The duration of seven minutes offers them the opportunity to distinguish themselves as a director. Each director makes only one documentary. So each story becomes an expression of the maker himself, of his story and his way of telling.


7 min– 16:9 – color – Dutch spoken – Belgium © 2017 

Liesbeth Marit (concept and director) – David Williamson (dop) – Tim Lammers (first assistant director) – Benjamin Van de Water (gaffer) – Alain Dessauvage (editor) – Bram Bosteels (composer) – Matthias Hillegeer (sound editor-mixer) – Olivier Ogneux (colorist)
Production: De Chinezen

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