:: Expo De Markten Brussels ::

Two beers and no puppy* is an exhibition by Charlotte Lybeer and Liesbeth Marit. 

A visible urge to escape, an attempt to evoke a dream world. With Marit in her creations of cinematic fantasies, with Lybeer by finding the fiction in everyday reality. Despite the different starting point, the theme of the “female figure” is central to both works. 
The exhibition reflects how people respond to a changing world. In the wake of Covid-19, a shrinking world that limits our freedom but at the same time encourages us to push our limits of imagination.

The expo is open from 14.10 to 28.11.2022,

De Markten
Oude Graanmarkt 5
1000 Brussels

*Original title: ” two beers and a puppy ” by Joey deVilla. (…) In order to find out how you actually feel about someone, ask yourself, “would I have two beers with this person?” and: “Would I allow this person to look after my puppy over a weekend?”

With support from Milo Profi.

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