:: Hollow Hills – Palace ::

Her photographic work is related to her films. The first images were taken while scouting for locations, and during the search for suitable sets and situations for her films. From these photographs, she writes her scenes and determines the atmosphere. Gradually, the pictures became autonomous. The spaces in the photographs are empty, even when a figure is present. It feels as though something is about to happen, or has just happened. In the void and anticipation (of action), time has an almost physical presence.

Liesbeth presents her photographs in wooden lightboxes.

Hollow Hills (2018)
37 x 55 x 12 cm, Oak lightbox

Palace (2018)
37 x 55 x 12 cm, Oak lightbox

Hinterland, Robin Vermeersch & Liesbeth Marit, Galerie 10a, Otegem (BE)

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